YOUR OPINION!! Do You Think Governor Seyi Makinde Is Performing Better Than Fashola When He Was Still A Governor?

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Just to know what is happening, I quickly joined the trend and it was Nigerians comparing Governor Seyi Makinde’s achievements in just 2 years to that of Babatunde Fashola when he was the Governor of Lagos for 8 years.

A particular man who goes by the name on Twitter “Olamide @iam_lammy” even went further to say Governor Seyi Makinde has done more Fashola.

Nigerian Feels Fashola Is The Best Governor In The History Of Nigeria So Far….

The standard Fashola created back then when he was the Governor of Lagos was so high that many say’s he’s the “Best Governor In Nigeria Ever“…

His great achievements and the way people sees him even made President Buhari to make him the Minister of 3 powerful ministries because he believe he can handle and run them well but I don’t think Fashola has done anything meaningful ever since he became Minister (I stand to be corrected).

Other Governors Need To Learn From Seyi Makinde

With the achievements Governor Seyi Makinde has recorded in the last 22 months, it’s no doubt that he’s the best Governor in Nigeria right now.. In case you don’t agree with me, feel free to argue with you keypad if you don’t believe.

Many people even jokingly said the President should summon all the other Governors to go and learn from Seyi Makinde on how to run their state efficiently and achieve awesome result.

Well, we have a question for you all 👇

Do You Think Governor Seyi Makinde Can Beat Fashola’s Achievement When He Was A Governor?

Let’s hear from you all as regards this issue.

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