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Sequel to the hint given during the press 12 January 2021 for the review of the proposed resumption date of 18h January 2021, the Federal Ministry of Education has undertaken a comprehensive appraisal of the situation.

After extensive consultations with relevant stakeholders, including State Governors, Commissioners of Education, Proprietors and heads of institutions, staff unions and students, the consensus of opinion is that the resumption date of 18h January should remain, while parents and respective institutions must ensure full compliance with COVID-19 protocols including: –

(1) Compulsory wearing of Facemasks by all students, teachers and workers in all schools

(ii) Temperature checks and hand washing facilities at strategic locations in all schools

(iii) Ensuring constant supply of water and sanitizers

(iv) Enforcement of maintenance of social distancing and suspension of large gatherings such as assembly and visiting days.

(V) Avoiding overcrowding, including limitations in class sizes and hostel occupancy (vi) Availability of functional health clinics with facilities for isolation and transportation of suspected cases to medical facilities

(vii) Adherence to all other non-pharmaceutical protocols, restrictions and containment measures as may be prescribed/ approved by the PTF

from time to time.

These measures which are to ensure safe reopening of schools for academic activities will be subject to constant review as we urge teachers, school administrators and other stakeholders to ensure strict compliance.

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