Presidency raises alarm over smear campaign against Buhari

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The Presidency on Friday alleged a fresh a plot aimed at smearing President Muhmmadu Buhari’s as a nepotistic leader who has continued to use his office to give undue advantage to people of his ethnic kind.

The President’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, said the masterminds of the alleged smear campaign have lined up media outfits, especially online media, for the project.

He did not name the media outfits.

Adesina said the masterminds have also failed to support any of their claims with verifiable facts.

He said: “There is compelling reason to alert the nation of another orchestrated smear campaign against President Muhammadu Buhari, using some online newspapers and blogs.

“The campaign, scheduled to be launched anytime soon through editorials and purported special investigative stories, is designed to further exacerbate tension in the land, by portraying the President as pandering to ethnic and other primordial tendencies, contrary to his pledge to belong to all Nigerians.

“Impeccable security findings indicate that those behind the plot have procured online blogs and newspapers, which are to launch coordinated publications, alleging subjugation and suppression of a particular religion and ethnic groups.

“A specific medium has so far contacted some opinion leaders, especially those very critical of President Buhari.

“Part of the planned publication is to make unwary readers believe that the President has continually used the powers of his office to shield and protect an ethnic group against crimes of murder, kidnappings, rape and banditry in the southern, middle belt and some northern states.

“The publication will also refer Nigerians to a 58-page document, which chronicles purported atrocities of the ethnic group in the South since 2017, all of which it claims the Presidency has turned blind eyes to.

“Again, the hatchet job will allege that the President has continued to place members of his ethnic nationality in sensitive positions, so as to confer undue advantage on them. This allegation is by no means supported with reasonable facts and figures.

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“Just on Thursday, President Buhari, while meeting with the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), led by Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, restated his even-handedness on the issues of ethnicity and religion.”

Quoting the President’s promise when he spoke with the NSCIA, Adesina said: “The Federal Government under my leadership does not, and will not allow religious prejudice or partisanship to influence any of its decisions and policies. It is my solemn decision to be fair and just to all segments of society.”

Adesina warned the public to be wary of the intents of the sponsors of the plot, saying: “Those who are bent on stoking ethnic and religious unrest in the country remain deaf to reason and impervious to reality.

“They are hell-bent on distorting reality, and Nigerians are urged to be wary of them. It is all about quest for power, and filthy lucre.

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