Question Of The Day!! If You Are The President Of Nigeria How Would You Stop Yahoo Yahoo/Internet Fraud?


Hi Guys,

I’m not here to discriminate anyone but we all know the Damages and the Bad Reputation Internet Scam (Yahoo Yahoo) is causing this great country.

Yes, some Nigerians are doing great out there, we see our Music stars doing all they can to make Money and also put Nigeria on the map so the World can believe in us.

Unfortunately, no matter how much they try, they can never make it look good as far as Internet Scam is still going on in this country.

Every day we get to read News how Countless of Nigerians are been Arrested and Jailed but yet, Internet scam is on the Increase with Hundred of Thousands joining daily.

To the outside World, every Nigerian is a Criminal.This is Sad as Legitimate Nigerians are the one suffering from this Bad Reputation the Most when they apply for Job/Travel to get business done outside the country.

Regardless of the Economic situation, we still have a whole lot of young Nigerians who still hold on to their legitimate hustle while some Greedy Nigerians are destroying our Great Nation and this is really telling on how these Foreigners perceives us.

The Result:- They will keep distance or stop associating with you anytime they found out you are a Nigerian.

How do we erase this thought from the head of Foreigners and let them know “Not All Nigerians Are Criminal?” 😩😩😩

Now, over to our Question 👇

If You Are The President Of Nigeria….

How Would You Stop This Fraudulent Act That Has Eaten Deep Into The Head Of Our Youths?

We want you all to say something on this.

Let’s discuss this pressing issue and make Nigeria great again.

God bless you all.



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